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After many qualms and queries, I decided to read the novel 2 States written by popular Indian author Chetan Bhagat. The novel has been very popular all the way since the year it was published and there are many people who claim that this is the story of Chetan Bhagat’s own life. It is true! Indeed. However, there are many other things in the novel that we often miss. Here is my review for the readers of NovelToRead platform.

The realism:
Yes, you might be feeling confused when I associate Chetan Bhagat’s work 2 States with realism. Many times, I agree, Chetan’s writing does not have anything to do with the tool of realism. However, in 2 States, the author has extensively used realism to show the follies prevalent in our society. Marriage is simple. A love marriage, however, is never simple in India. There are things like culture, caste, creed and all. 2 States reveal all those follies associated with marriage amazingly.

The novel could be well-off romance but the novelist introduces romantic elements in the novel that sometimes extend the ambits of romance and become obscene at least in reading. Having sex is something that is suitable to be written about. However, writing it the way Chetan writes is something that might become annoying at times! Did you read his One Indian Girl, by the way?

The Conclusion:
Well, the novel is a happy ending one and it will leave the readers with satisfaction. So, the readers who want to have peaceful readings like this one, can go for the book and enjoy their weekends with solace and modern literature. The readers who want something adventurous and something beyond sex should find their time to invest in novels other than Chetan Bhagat’s. All the best!

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2 States
  • NTR Rating


Romantic and realistic to an extent. A good passtime novel.

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