Seldom a book of the present day catches your attention for its vivid qualities other than being spicy and sensual. However, those which are not any of the above stated, are rare and obviously good. Recently, I got to read a novel by Srinath S, an author from Chennai who has entered into the field of writing with his maiden title – The Protectors of Aesner. This novel promises the readers of a pleasant read filled with ‘surprise and adventure’. Does it deliver? I asked to myself and started reading this piece of Srinath S.

The Protectors of Aesner

Well, The Protectors of Aesner starts as any usual novel would (with some centuries before information at the beginning). However, just after a chapter, the novel takes many turns. It settles the narrative to different places – Egypt, Japan and Tamilnadu. Three people – Karthik, Yuki and Dave are at the centre of the plot around whom the novel revolves. Out of the blue, they find themselves away from their daily lives in a prison which is made of an electric field. After the introduction with many surprising people, they come to realize that they are different than the normal humans!

The meeting with the scientists, brave fighters, doctors and researchers are new to these three people who are destined to be the saviours for this planet. You must be thinking, who are these people whom they meet? Well, these are Akra Aesner Mrathrika – The Protectors of Aesner. Aesner, as perceived in this novel, means the world. Dr. Mah, Cori, Herve, Vera and a much surprising person… a scientist whose name begins with Albert. Once coaxed about their unique qualities, the newly inducted protectors are trained to combat, to rescue and to defend.

There are the concepts of ‘wicked science,’ ‘dark science,’ and many other things which are rather new to fiction tradition of the day, except the science fiction of an elevated level. There is an interesting character of Anjali, Karthik’s girlfriend who is involved in the practice of science in the guidance of Albert. She is also shown creating a ‘new animal’… there are many unusual but refreshing concepts of science which the readers will like to know. There are super fast planes; there are establishments in the place where most people think ‘hell’ is located… and many things!

Twist in the tale comes when the protectors reach a village in Somalia and meet Hafsa and her grandfather who is a monkey! The village Xibaak is different and cursed by evil powered people. The Protectors of Aesner take the charge and get the village to a new dawn. This fight and the secret that the village holds are the drive of the plot which will best be known once a reader reads it.

I liked the novel very much and would like to tell all my science fiction and fantasy loving friends to read this.

Review by – a NovelsToRead Staff

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