The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini isn’t only about the kites flying in the blue sky and falling down and being picked by the kids with fast skills. This is a novel which speaks volumes with the help of scenes that the author has created with his witty use of words and quality of the imagery. Very much into the controversies after the publication, The Kite Runner has received generally positive responses from the readers across the world. Especially the Western society has shown a loud applause for the book as well as the author. From the home within, that is Afghanistan, the debut novel by Hosseini did not receive very much encouraging feedback. The same was the case with the readers belonging to Afghanistan and living in different countries.


The Kite Runner Book Review


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The universally accepted coward child, Amir and his friend until he moves to other places seeking refuge, Hassan are two entirely contrasting characters in the book. Hassan is a strong kid ready to accept the challenges while Amir is much of a shy boy who is too much afraid of doing things and we see it until the novel actually ends. The later revelations bring a thunder of shock to Amir when he knows that the guy whom he left in miseries was his half-brother. Forget everything else about The Kite Runner as the meat lies in the story of Amir and Hassan at the beginning, and then the Taliban brutality in between and then the show at the conclusion in which Amir somehow finds a way to rescue Sohrab from the misery he was in. There might be many different connotations of the images and the symbolism might call forth different emotions for different critics and scholars. However, one thing is certain and we all might agree that the novel is based on truths as well as prejudices.

The language has been deliberately kept at par so that every reader can get to find something for him and something for her. And naturally, in spite of his shortcomings, Amir becomes the favourite of the readers only because of the witty show by the author and you might wonder of Khaled Hosseini is actually writing for himself when he speaks of Amir. And one must not forget that Amir goes on to become a novelist, a rather successful one and settles in the United States.

Well, certainly, this is a novel which one must read and find out what the author wants to signal. The issues raised in this novel might be the topics for research and analysis and we hope someone will take them on. For the time being, we would advise the readers of fiction to read this one – The Kite Runner, as soon as possible.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
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A generally accepted novel by Khaled Hosseini which offers you a thousand interpretations and lets you play your mind! Must read!

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