With the free fall of self-published novels in the book market, it has become difficult for curious readers like me to find better novels to read on regular occasions. I am not accusing that all self-published authors are bad or they write bad literature. However, most of the self-published authors do produce bad literature as they just don’t pay attention to their writing and thereafter, on getting their work edited by a professional one who understands the art of fiction ins and outs. Self-published authors have only one aim – get their books printed and reach their friend circle and show their work off. Am I wrong?

Self-publication is not wrong. I have personally seen many self-published authors getting recognition and fame in the literary circle. Even the great ones like G B Shaw had to self-publish his plays at the beginning. However, it becomes fruitful when an author with a convincing writing style and an impactful content publishes a work. The readers find it encouraging as well as the aspiring authors will have plenty to learn. However, just publishing anything if the option to self-publish is there does not make any sense – at least to me. It impacts the profession of writers – overall!

It is very sad to see that even the best self-publishing companies in India are not paying attention to this. They are just publishing the books and not realising that publishing meaningless content might push them into the phase when they will begin losing their genuine readers. Once the readers understand that a particular publisher is just publishing anything, they might blacklist the name from their mind and resist themselves from reading anything of that publishing house in the future. Are you serious? Are you ready even for that? Will you just kill the readership even of the deserving authors for your money-making agenda? Please; don’t do it!

And dear authors, please pay attention to your writing. Learn to amend your manuscript yourself. Learn about getting your manuscript properly edited. Once your manuscript is properly toned, edited and becomes ready to be published, then only opt for self-publishing. You are investing money on your writing – why not make the most out of it? Think about these before you find your best publishing house and get your novel or a non-fiction piece published. I am sure these piece of advice will be fruitful for the authors who are in the line. All the best guys!


by Ashish for NovelsToRead Book Blog

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