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Hello, friends! Do you want to discuss the novels you have read in the past? Do you want to find which novels are trending among well-known readers? Do you know there is a place on the internet where you can share your reading experiences and find other like-minded reading enthusiasts who will be happy to discuss their reading preferences, authors and experience with you? The places is a book club which is online – India Book Club.

At India Book Club, you find many discussion forums where you can share your ideas. You will find classics being discussed, contemporary novelists being talked about, Victorian Novels being discussed and debated and so on. Moreover, you will also find dedicated sections for the literature produced in different languages other than English – Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, and others.

I discovered this place randomly while looking for book discussion forums. I also found out that India Book Club also offers you an option to begin a book club physically in your area and it sends free copies of books for the members of any book club running under India Book Club’s banner. I found this idea really inspiring. Not only it will inspire the young readers but it will also be very useful for the readers who have lesser time to engage in reading – they can find like-minded people in any group and use that time even more productively.

Many book critics and noted book reviewers from India are also a part of the club. You can find it interesting to know their views on books and contemporary literature in India. I have seen the bloggers from many book review websites in India discussing their ideas on IBC.

So, are you going IBC soon? I have joined and I have been a member for many days now. I also participated in many discussions and shared my thoughts. I am sure many more will join the book club and use the platform to further their understanding of books and literature of various kind. It will be a good use of the digital innovation that the world is looking up to! I really appreciate the effort and urge you all to join the book club and begin the discussions! All the best!

By Guddu for Novels TO Read Book Blog

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