The Big Switch: it’s never too late by John Thomas is a contemporary novel which explores the career dilemma of a common and middle-class youth named Keith. His dreams are high when he joins the big brand H&G and offers his services very enthusiastically hoping for a growth in his career and wealth as well. However, dreams begin to shatter when he loses even his personal life and his love – Maya. Immense corporate pressure almost ruins the life of Keith and he begins to be desperate and frustrated. And who is not in this situation today? The race for supremacy has made us all a compromising lot; we are often ready to sacrifice our personal lives for the sake of promotion and money in a job which we don’t even like and some get there too – but what is the cost? Are we ever satisfied? John Thomas, in his debut novel, has tried to explore the same thing.

The novel deals with the corporate life of Keith, the central protagonist who is seldom aware of his goal. He is in a job just to earn money and because he thinks that he likes the job. However, his frustration rises when his sweetheart leaves him because he is unable to give her the time she wants and rightly so – any relationship is based on the mutual understanding and offering time to each other when needed. Keith fails to do so and he further deteriorates himself because he cannot strike a balance between his personal and corporate life. And then comes the switch, the BIG SWITCH, Keith starts doing something the readers are excited to read (so far from the reviews on Goodreads and also Amazon)!

Fiction in the hands of the author, John Thomas, seems so easy to handle when he lets Keith brave the situation and take the driving seat. After his meeting with Kyra, the novel Big Switch takes a further turn and their relationship, after an unexpected proposal, is fruitful and good. Kyra is directly an antithesis to Maya. She does not harass him further when he loses to fate and situations; she rather stays with her and helps him reinforce himself. John has explored the realms of relationships as well with the major concentration on what should a youth in his early twenties do when he is offered a lucrative job. The content of the novel is fresh and it does not tail any particular lead which is prevalent in the contemporary fiction in India.

The novel offers a very pleasant read full of twists which the readers want to have in any fiction they would love reading. It will attract the young readers more often and rightly so because it offers a lot! If you are also unsure of your career and the dilemma strikes you at times, you should be reading this novel The Big Switch because it’s never too late!

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The Big Switch by John - reviewed
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If you are a youth or a young person, you must read this novel. If you are a grown-up reader, you should read this novel to understand how John Thomas has made a fiction possible which is entirely different to the contemporary trend of usual romance!

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