Novel – Elephants in the Room
Writer – Suraj Laxminarayanan
Publication Year – 2018
Published by – The Write Place
NTR Rating – 3.2/5

I am very much into reading the novels by novelists who are good readers themselves. When I first heard about the author Suraj Laxminarayanan, I was damn sure that I would read his novel one day, rather sooner. However, the opportunity came late as it turned out to be different (in life) than what I have planned. So, Elephants in the Room took the backseat for a while. Now that I have the novel read and understood, I will share my review for Suraj Laxminarayanan’s work here.

Why should you read it?
Well, if you have already read it, you might concur with my ideas here. If you haven’t read it already, these points will certainly help you make your mind. I have read the novels minutes and pages and I have found it to be, somewhat, a good one-time read. This is what most of the novels and most of the movies are today – one-time. Nonetheless, coming to the novel in hand, the story is based on a bank robbery that does not take place at all. What happens then? This is where the thrill of this crime thriller lies. A lot of engagement between the conflicting gangs who come to rob the bank is there and there is the meat that you are looking for. Moreover, once the police arrive at the scene, you will find it quite amazing. The negotiations become bizarrely amazing. There are twists and bits here and there that can be added together with the glue of attention which will make your reading an enticing experience.

Why should you avoid it?
Well, to avoid reading the book, you have one solid idea and that is the absurd length of the novel. It is understood that the novelist tried to make it a one-act drama. However, this does not hold because the length does not support the theme. It goes about 500 pages and beyond… and that’s something which does not come easy on the readers. 500 pages mean many characters and many associated plots and that’s lacking in this novel. It draws all the momentum from one storyline and the novel could well be finished within 300 pages for the progress that it has. However, it does not happen and the readers are left bemused at times.

The Conclusion:
You may read this novel if you can bear the length… once you think to read it, you might like this experimental novel a lot. However, if you leave it in between, you will be baffled with a nothingness. So, if you want to read it, just read it! If you wish to skip it – just skip it without giving any second thoughts.

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review by Sushant for NovelsToRead

Elephants in the Room
  • NTR Rating


A one-time novel for the casual readers of modern fiction… it tests the patience of readers! 

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