Bleeding Queens is the debut novel by an Amritsar based novelist Palak Kundra and she has written the novel in Hindi only to ensure that she reaches the maximum number of readers without the language barrier which hits the most when the subject is as delicate as the one Palak has chosen for her debut novel. Her novel deals with the crucial theme of rape and crime against women and then the social trauma that she has to undergo even after facing such a heinous crime. And to say the least, Palak Kundra has done her best which you can expect from a first-timer! Yes, you might find, as a critical reader, things where the author could have improved but keeping in mind that it is just her debut, she has fairly justified the theme of the novel with a plot which limits itself to the actions and reactions around one character called Diljit.

The novel opens with a crime scene, as it seems in the first read, but that is actually a physical example of womanhood which Diljit presents to the readers by killing the person who wants to play with her honour! She does not only escape the clutches of the rapist criminal but also sends her where he needs to be and fairly deserves! Yes, this is not a novel where you will find women sitting and just cowing down to whatever wrongdoing is committed against her. Woman in the novel fights back!

Diljit has to face gang rape as the novel progresses and her dream of becoming an actress seems to be hanging in dismay. Her father, who tries to save her, is killed! Her mother is left with the wounds not only on her heart but also on her body and Diljit is left mentally, physically and internally broken! However, she does not break down to the injustice done to her! Inspired by Rohit and Karanveer, she vows to track down all the four criminals who did this to her and kill them and rest you will to read the novel. This is all thrill; this is all rage; this is all the justice modern way when the bank of justice becomes bankrupt!

A very fair attempt by Palak Kundra and she has made Bleeding Queens a worthwhile debut to her name. Readers should feel it when they read the novel and move ahead – page to page! A kind of urgency for justice and an apparent display of frustration linger throughout the novel’s narrative if you read it a little more carefully than the ordinary reading. Whatever style, moreover, you read the novel, one thing is very clear that you will have something to be called a pleasant read and you will enjoy it! Happy Reading!

Bleeding Queens by Palak Kundra
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Read this novel and feel good! A must-read for every literary enthusiast!

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