Vanity Fair by William Thackeray is a novel which is generally considered a classic by most of the readers who finish it and most of the book lovers who just know about this book and most of literary scholars who know a lot and even by the readers of the modern jargon who know seldom a thing about literary taste. Such is the magic that Vanity Fair brings with itself! And I still remember the day I have finished it after such a long journey it had been! The book took me about a month to be finished and once it was finished, I was literally content that finally I had done it!

What is the thing that a reader can take away from the novel? If this question was pinned on me I would surely say that just take away the witty character Becky is and your novel Vanity Fair will be with you forever! What a character Thackeray has made? Becky involves the readers in this work and she is the reason that many things happen in the novel. Maybe that the authors, as a cynic Thackeray was, wants to hit the conscience of the readers with the same medicine that first hurts and then heals! All other characters are not so important to me – maybe even the old pervert becomes important for someone!

I will strongly suggest the readers go through Vanity Fair because it just not only offers a great fiction to the readers, this novel offers something which is timeless and will be relevant to the readers of any world in any age. Money, lust, deceit, love, loyalty and friendship are the realities of life. The author suggests, however, that the same things are the biggest lie as well. Even the falsehood and deceit can survive and enjoy the greatest of comforts in the word without having to do a lot and we see that in Becky!

We may call the book a negative satire where the novelist tries to cut iron with the iron itself. A realistic piece frowning the Industrial England and its habits which made it later! Thackeray was a great artist and he is very much present in his narrative and sometimes in front as well! He is the person who guides Becky to the victory and pits all other characters in the misery and even our loyal dog Dobbin becomes a miserable person loving a girl lifelong!

Come one guys! I loved the novel and it’s your turn now to read it!

Vanity Fair - reviewed
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