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Virginia Woolf is known for her writings that reflected the women ambitions beautifully. However, beyond that, if you try to find the relevance of her novels in the contemporary world, you might find a boring piece of fiction that you could seldom read. However, for those who are into the world of literature in various capacities professionally or intellectually, Virginia Woolf’s writings are very important. And one certain novel by her, To The Light House, is a fine piece asserting the feministic values that were not so freely available in her time – even in a progressive society (was it progressive, really) England. 

Lily Briscoe is the central character in Virginia Woolf’s novel To The Light House. She is a painter and loves to create portraits. However, her conducts are not so convincing at the beginning of the novel and that is often ridiculed by a certain Charles Tansley. Tansley thinks that women are not made in such a way that they can either paint or write something meaningful. 

This is the gist of the novel – women playing artists and men ridiculing them, bullying them and finding faults with their works. In another way of saying the same thing, Virginia Woolf wanted to casually prove that even the theme of a portrait can be translated into a popular novel by her and this is proof enough that women cannot only write but write miracles as well. It is a psychological novel that largely takes place within characters rather than physical actions happening on the ground. The Lighthouse is a symbolical image that represents height, success or achievement that is attained by the determination of Lily. 

Language is largely influential. Woolf’s powerful experiments with the stream of consciousness are largely visible in the novel and that makes the narrative even more impactful. It will be a classic for the readers with a taste for literary fiction. However, it might just be a burden on the readers with no or lesser interest in reading classics that are only classics because they are classics. You can get a copy of this work from Amazon India by clicking the link below: 

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by Ashish for NovelsToRead Blog 

To The Lighthouse
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A classic for those who understand classics;

also a classic for those who don’t bother!

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