Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion, which was published in 1818, is not an exception other than the style of writing. It is also a novel which circumambulates around the same theme of marriage and courtship in the early 19th century. The only difference in the novel is that it does not have the characters who are swayed away by courtships and romance. Anne Elliott is a mature woman of 27 who is sensible and responsible; though she is not taken as any of the above by her sister and her father.

Persuasion is literally about persuading other characters in the novel. The story of broken engagement and then a second-chance romance and then finally a marriage which will score the things right is not new for Austen. However, in this novel, only her maturity level has increased leaving the themes and the limits of her fiction intact.

The story lingers around the lives and thoughts of Anne Elliott and Captain Frederick Wentworth and moves nowhere else. Only the witty dialogues which occasionally come to the scene, the novel moves steadily and bothers no one. It was a success at that time and a little thereafter before limiting itself to the academic debates and literary discourses. Anne Elliott and her husband and their families are all sharp and they are too many in numbers which do not let the readers feel anytime that the novel is only about two families that share a household.

The last of her completed novels, Persuasion is surely the maturest of all because the lead protagonist in the novel is sensible and mature as Austen was at the time of writing. Other than her maturity, nothing would make you feel that you are not reading Austen’s classic tale of marriage and courtship – this is just typical!

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