Will you call Jane Eyre a romance? Scholars might stretch the argument and keep arguing till one of them gets his head bleeding after a big fight but rest of us, the casual readers who just wish to enjoy the ‘meat’ in the text will surely love to call it a romance and also a perfect and perfectly-ending romance which does do the thing called a ‘poetic justice’ to the characters and also the plot and also the readers’ aspirations with the tale of a lady finding inner-piece and finding her love. Well, the scholars and literary leviathans may argue days and night that Jane Eyre, the heroine of the novel entitled the same as her name, actually makes a satisfactory compromise with herself when she accepts Rochester at the end of the novel. Let’s fair it out!

Janey Eyre is all about Jane and intellectual readers or the literary predators call this novel to be written in the style of a bildungsroman or a literary genre in which we can read about the protagonists psychological or emotional development (maybe intellectual too). However, as the casual readers or the lovers of literature, we shouldn’t be so much into it – we should just learn how to enjoy a novel to the fullest and Jane Eyre is so rich textually that it will make you fall in love!

It starts with the childhood of Jane, perturbed and pensive. It moves with her development into a very calculated and sentimental kind of woman who trusts herself more than anyone else and she becomes a governess at the Lowood school. Braving the torturous school culture and losing her friend Helen. After Lowood, she reaches Thornfield Hall as a governess to Adele. Thornfield Hall, on the contrary, is rather rosy for Jane and she finds her love interest there – not by herself but by insinuations of him – Rochester. And then, the most enjoyable exchanges of ideas take place. The soliloquies written by Charlotte Bronte are just amazing and it might be interesting to many of the readers who read the novel, Jane Eyre.

Since its first publication in 1847, 10 years before the first freedom struggle of India, the novel has been a buzz among the lovers of romantic fiction as well as fiction in general. Jane Eyre is a classic and it is a romance-class as well. The author has used a quality language which suits the narrative the best. Her plot has been wonderful and we garner some sympathy for Rochester but all the admiration and love for our beloved Jane Eyre. You can also enjoy a chunk of that collective pleasure when you read this piece by Charlotte. Get your copies by visiting the Amazon link below and get the novel at the best possible price:

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Jane Eyre - reviewed
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A must read novel! It has to be read by every reader who thinks himself or herself to be a good reader of fiction!

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