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The Big Switch: it’s never too late

The Big Switch: it’s never too late by John Thomas is a contemporary novel which explores the career dilemma of a common and middle-class youth named Keith. His dreams are high when he joins the big brand H&G and offers his services very enthusiastically hoping for a growth in his career and wealth as well.

Despite Stolen Dreams by Anita Krishan – Review

Anita Krishan’s latest novel, Despite Stolen Dreams, is wonderful and a moving fiction which no reader can deny appreciating once he or she finishes the reading! Wali Khan wins the hearts of many readers because he embraces the life instead of embracing to bow down to terrorism and let his daughter be married forcefully to

With You; Without You – review

With You; Without You has been on the rise since the first day it has been launched among the gathering of intellectuals and writers and readers on 29th October 2017. Moreover, the reviews that the book has been receiving have been mostly encouraging for the author and almost every reader who has read the book

Bleeding Queens

Bleeding Queens is the debut novel by an Amritsar based novelist Palak Kundra and she has written the novel in Hindi only to ensure that she reaches the maximum number of readers without the language barrier which hits the most when the subject is as delicate as the one Palak has chosen for her debut

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter

Dear reader friends, we have had so much of fiction novels coming our way and we should have enjoyed those. Now is the time for a little change and shift our reading eyes to some quality nonfiction and I have one perfect option ready for you all. Today, I will be sharing a review of