Novels are always attractive – some attract for this reason while some attract for that reason. We all read novels in our daily lives and some of us, live to read. To begin, we are the guys from the latter sphere. We live to read and we read a lot! Our novels range from classics to the contemporary; Bunyan to Lodge; Raja Rao to Karthik Sharma. We never sit idle when we have time to read. ‘Novels to Read’ is a result of our passion.

As a platform, ‘Novels to Read’ is a place where we talk about novels only. Of all the genres, novel is the genre which has most of the following and all the prominent men of letters are known today mostly because they write novels. We have decided to do something in this field and read not only for our pleasure but also to let other readers know how do we view a particular novel as well as the novelist.

On this website, we will review novels. We will read novels by the authors we come across. We will read novels written about anything and everything. We will read novels from all the nations. We will read novels written in any language. In short, we will read NOVELS because we have ‘Novels to Read’!

We are also open to the book giveaways from new as well as established authors. Novelists who want to share their work with us, please see our contact page.